Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete

All of Alian production facilities are compatible with international standards. Our technical staff is responsible for designing all the mixtures used by the company and overseeing experimental production and concrete during manufacturing. At Alian industry, our clients are our priority so we see to it that all mixtures and raw materials are tested constantly to ensure that only the best ready-mix concrete types are being produced.
The company’s main objective is to adopt high-quality and innovative types of concrete mixtures that contain the most recent and high-efficient cement materials such as silica fume, slag and fine sprayed sand.

Plain Concrete

Concrete without any reinforcing iron which is used in the work of concrete brushes under foundations and sidewalks, its resistance ranges between 150 and 250 kg / cm2 depending on what is used for. Some characteristics in the plain concrete can be improved to suit the purpose of use such as developing it to become sulfate-resistant.

Reinforced Concrete

It is a concrete with which reinforcing iron is combined to resist tensile stresses, and this type of concrete is most commonly used and can be poured directly on site or at the factory to make ready-mix concrete units whose resistance ranges between 300 and 400 kg / cm2.

High-Strength Reinforced Concrete

Concrete with a resistance of more than 450 kg / cm2 and may reach or exceed 1400 kg / cm2 and can be obtained using available local materials that are used in the manufacture of traditional concrete (Ag / cm2) of aggregates, cement and water. On the plasticizer material to be able to reduce the mixing water to the maximum degree while obtaining the same workability and thus obtaining the required resistance.

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