Qualification Process

Alian Industry Company invites all interested parties in modern construction techniques & systems to register for the qualification process that will be prepared by the company. Registered parties shall be accredited in the implementation and supervision of projects that will be completed using modern construction techniques. Invited parties shall include (companies – institutions – consultants – individuals). Furthermore, the qualification process for the participants shall include the following programs:
-Overview of modern building systems and technologies and the most significant advantages of modern construction.
– Attending the new construction technology (Emmedue Building System) by inspecting the production stages inside the factory from the start until the end.
– Inspection and training on the stages of transportation, installation at construction sites and the method of final finishes and delivery to the customer.

Therefore, the company decided to invite all interested companies, institutions, and individuals to participate in the qualification process by filling in all required info in the following link:

Or by sending the qualification request to the following E-mail: training@alianind.com

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Saudi closed joint-stock company based in Riyadh specialized in the field of manufacture and production of ready-mix concrete and Emmedue building Panels.



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